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ALTERNATE 125300389 Accessoire de nettoyeur à pression Détergent Cleaning detergent for roofs.Apply the cleaning detergent with the Roof Cleaner, preferably on a damp surface. For a long-term effect, avoid spraying when rain is expected in the next few days. Application with Nilfisk Roof Cleaner. Coverage: Approx 125 m2 per 5 litres. Must be applied at temperature of min 5 degrees Celsius and will take effect after 3-4 months. Can also be used to remove dirt coating on exterior pavers or wood surfaces. Roof Cleaner is a very efficient detergent to remove dirt from the roof. Always test on a small area to make sure the surface tolerates the cleaning detergent. Packaging may be recycled in accordance with local regulations. Readily biodegradable surfactants in accordance with EU legislation. Store in frost-free place. 19,29 € 3 févr. 2021
FNAC Nilfisk - Bidon de 5 Litres Détergent pour Nettoyage de toit : Nilfisk - Bidon de 5 Litres Détergent pour Nettoyage de toit - Accessoires mobilier de jardin. Acheter et vendez vos produits neuf ou d’occasion au meilleur prix. 28,91 € 3 févr. 2021
DARTY Produits d'entretien sols intérieur Nilfisk Nilfisk - bidon de 5 litres détergent pour nettoyage de toit 38,13 € 3 févr. 2021

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